Some useful Resources for A Novice Android App Developer

08/01/2013 17:10

This post is not for experienced and seasoned Android App Developer who are familiar with everything, but I am writing to help those are novice in this field and want to get started to climb ladder  of expertise.

If you want to carve your path to be an all rounder Android app developer you should have designing on-hand along with development therefore, official Android user experience (UX) team of Android issued Android design guidelines containing basic principles of Android app designing with specific guidelines related to:

-> device and displays
-> themes
-> touch interface
-> metrics and grids
-> typography
-> color
-> iconography
-> rules for writing user interface prompts

You also will find Android app developer portal offering a comprehensive training resource center that directly helps Android app developer to learn the concepts related to Android app development in a step-by-step tutorials giving comprehensive explanation, code snippets, flow charts and sample projects. As a beginner you must go through the stuff provided under getting started panel. Once your basic concepts are clear for various kinds of Android apps development you can go to the advancement to create apps that include:

-> multimedia
-> graphics
-> animation
-> internet connectivity
-> cloud computing
-> user info
-> location etc.

On this portal you will find help for implementing best practices to create performance oriented Android apps consist of security and privacy measured which are vital for your clients of some categories particularly who are associated with lots of money transactions.