Removing Pre-Installed Android Software Apps

30/01/2013 15:44

There are plenty of companies releasing their Android devices accompanied with Android OS and custom apps time to time. Customers then install their choice of 3rd party apps or custom developed apps for their personal or professional usage. In due course they sometime found many pre-Installed Android software apps useless or they want to free up some precious memory by purging unused apps.

Since pre-Installed Android  Software Apps coming installed on OS so removing those apps is not easy at it seemed so if you want to remove such apps you should have proper permission and many devices never grant such permissions as it is hazardous and risky act. If you want to remove such apps you should have access of the root of the phone through super user access facilities which grants you to permission to install or remove some Android software apps that requires root access.

The biggest risk of the deleting pre-Installed apps is the bricking of the smartphone and your phone won't work at all and you have to change it at the end. Therefore, we need to think other ways to do such things and that is stopping or hiding the pre-Installed apps and you can do this with the help of some paid or free applications like Advance Task Killer or some free uninstalling applications from Google Play.

In this process unwanted applications set to not run at start up so they won't utilize resources of the phone anymore and you find them harmless against the taking bricking risk.