DiscountON—A Revolutionary Discount Coupon System through Android Application Development

19/07/2013 10:33

It is true that the daily deal is the invention of Groupon, but its policies are not much getting favor, neither in the business groups, nor amongst the users. There are extreme compulsions on the businesses to reduce their prices that sometime reaches to the negative level so once business participate and found loss they never think of again to participate in daily deals. At customer level they have to spend money and if they are unable to get benefits of that deal they loss those money on coupons.

Due to such reasons, smart people always avoid Groupon and take other routes. In Australia, there is a good opportunity against the Groupon deals and that is DiscountOn. This website and its mobile apps are offering discount coupons on the daily deals and this discount coupon is available for only $1. Of course, you don’t have to pay this amount immediately to the website, but you will pay when you reach at the place where you can redeem it and that business will pay that amount cutting from your cost of purchase or service.

This is really a smart way to manage both, users and businesses where businesses don’t need to go beyond their threshold level and have to pay hefty charges to the DiscountOn, nor the users have to pay anything immediately from their pocket. Thus, DiscountOn is only getting $1 per users from the businesses against their valuable services. If you think of such kind of business in your country or geographical region, you have wide sky open to get traffic through such free apps. Peerbits is a genuine Android application development company, which has great knack and domain expertise along with profound experiences to create robust applications of these kinds.

The above example is enough to reveal the intricacies involved in the app programming and only experienced Android App developers can manage them tactfully and by cost efficient ways.


Conclusion :-

Android development at Peerbits is changing the coupon industry game forever by cutting out the traditional intermediary fees and removing the risk from coupons forever! DiscountOn offers coupon and deal listings, for, free, both businesses and consumer end up with the best deals.