Android Web Application Development—Support of Android

11/12/2012 16:20

Being an open platform Android doesn't has any intention to restricts Android Web Application Development because Google has not much importance of Google Play in terms of create a revenue source like App store doing. Therefore, it has provided full support to the Android web application development providing essential features and functionality in Android OS as well as other ways.

As an Android developer you can deliver an application on Android with two ways:

-> As a client-side Android application which is developed using the Android SDK and installed on user devices as an .apk

-> As a web application which is developed using web standards like HTML, CSS and advance JavaScript and that can be accessed through a web browser of the device. Here nothing to install on user device.

If you choose second option and going to Android web application development Android offers exclusive support like:

-> Viewport properties which permit you to properly size your web application based on the screen size

-> Support the CSS and JavaScript features which permit you to give different styles and images based on the screen resolution.

-> Android allows you to create mix types of web application, client-side and based on the web using a technique that you need to create client-side Android application that embeds some web pages using a WebView in your Android application layout. Thus, you can eliminate the need of creating purely client-side or purely web based application.

-> You can define an interface between your Android application and your web pages that allows JavaScript in the web pages to call upon APIs in your Android application providing Android APIs to your web-based application.

-> Android has added support for every high and low-density screens

-> Android also has added features to the WebKit framework to permit web pages to specify Viewport properties and query the screen density in order to modify styles and image assets