Android Web App Development—Where HTML5 Rocks

27/11/2012 14:31

Smartphone market has recently revealed that the top seller in the market is Samsung #1. Samsung uses Android OS for its all devices this directly forces mobile developers to incline for Android. No doubt, Android language is easy to learn as it is Java based and use some of the Java libraries. But either you are not accustomed with Java or want to go for all mobile platforms with one time creation Android Web App Development is the best option for you.

As you know very well that web apps are based on browser and utilize capacities of browser to resume their functions. Technologies and languages used to create web apps are HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with some Ajax, jQuery, etc. before HTML5 creation of web apps akin to native apps was not possible, but with introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 scenario has got changed since HTML5 has distinct features that allows web apps to access all features of the Android web app development  HTML5 with CSS3 makes possible to do smooth scrolling, drag & drop, allows smart & secure storage of data in place of cookies, directly access the audio, video, graphics; makes possible to do animation and game creation with its canvas properties, seamlessly integrate with OS of the devices and list go on.


When you create web apps using Android web app development you can not only cover entire Android market but exert influence on other mobile platforms with simply including browser accessibility code of the respective platform and get high ROI. It is good thing that almost all mobile platforms have latest browsers which support the HTML5 therefore we can say that HTML5 rocks in mobile web app market.