Android Software Development—Room for More Development

05/10/2012 16:22

Today Android developers are seemed busy to invent extraordinary apps for their clients using the incredible features offered by Android OS. With every updates Android offers advance features and definitely beats its rival iOS. Android platform has gain big chunk of market share within shortest period despite many hurdles like variation in hardware size and features and open nature of OS that took time to collect the fatty community which can enriching the platform further.

Initially Android marketplace has witnessed hip of free apps for advertisement purposes and developers had bias that iOS development offers 70% share and there are no chance of earn some fortune in Android Software Development. But with the pace of time use of Android devices increased phenomenally and compels developers to do quality Android software development to satisfy this new class of customers. Gradually Google has improved the marketplace and assure developers’ money, in return there were plenty of apps come into the market and offer Android users to new level of handheld devices experiences.

Despite availability of apps in various categories the demand of customers becomes more specific and advanced. Now they need to fulfill their business specific requirements or personal wishes with custom Android software development. Thus penetration of handheld devices in various fields increased and professional developers were gaining weight, hence more business. Businesses have apps that connect the web service at back-end and ease many business operation offering mobility and automation of business process. Game lovers getting intuitive and engaging games for real fun and demand more complex and advanced games.