Android Development—Suffering from Fragmentation

07/11/2012 11:25

When Google & Open Handset Alliance introduced Android in handheld devices market as an opensource it got popularity within shortest time and lots of devices and apps sold. Due huge selling of hardware many developers tempted to start Android Development. When they created some decent apps with Android development and put into the market and they observed high download rate and good rating of their apps.

But they got enormous complaints about support of devices. Many customers said that their device is not supporting their apps or performance of apps on various devices was unsatisfactory. This was a socking matter for the developers who switch from the other platform to Android development. The reality is that Google has given freedom to the hardware manufacturers to create device as per their wish and with features they want to give. Moreover, Android OS has dozens of versions that again creates problem for developers to ignore old versions those running on devices of plenty of Android users.

There are hundreds of devices out in the market and in the hands of vast amount of customers so if a developer wants to get benefits of such vast audience by Android development he/she has to go through testing on large number of devices. However, an advance simulator is available that covers large number of devices, but practically testing on simulator is not enough as you may found many loopholes when your app reaches at actual device so give excellent user experience you need to use real device for testing and purchasing or borrowing such large number of devices is not a practical thing.