Android Development Company—Facts Know Before Hiring

29/06/2012 16:13

Android has captured more than 50% market share in smart phones and showed its supremacy over other smart phones and handheld gadgets. Its rapid growth is contributed by its superb OS which offers tons of features and functionality. Moreover it is open platform so many hardware producing companies are out in the market. Due to stiff competition between this hardware producing company customers avail benefits of high quality products with best prices.

Variation among the hardware leads to the challenging in the development of software for Android development companies. Many companies has sorted out this problem and develop common applications for those all different models. So check this thing just before hiring an Android Development Company whether they are able to make apps for variety of hardware models. This is because with the changes in shape and size layouts of the software changes accordingly so developers have to create responsive design.

Every business is unique therefore its needs are unique so development portfolio of your Android development company should have various projects with different niche and has to deal with the clients from different verticals of industry. Project cost is important thing therefore your company should offer market competitive price by delivering the best quality among the all competitors. Same the way project time line decides when you reach at the market. You should reach at the market before your competitors do and reap benefits of the early market therefore your Android development company should deliver their projects within given time line.