Android Application Developer—Gives Best Results Despite Facing Challenges

28/08/2012 12:54

Android has got great share in the smartphone market within short period and giving tough competition to other platforms. Android is unique in sense of opensource platform; offers great freedom to the Android application developers and enormous options to the end users. Android is Java based language and have its own library which offers great tools for developers. In the market you can find Java developers in ample amount and they can easily learn Android and can become proficient developers. Due to this reason there is no shortage of Android Application Developer in the market and you can find easily for your Android application development.

If you have small project then no need to worry much but if you are going to shaping a big concept you have to search for suitable Android application developer. The developer who has enough experience of developing enormous Android applications so that developer know tricks and tweaks of successful Android development. If the developer has created application nearly similar to your concept he/she is the best bet. Android applications are of various kinds like for entertainment, education, business, games, sports, tourism, news, weather, etc. These all different categories demand various kinds of coding and usage of other tools. For instance for game development Android application developer has to learn Cocos2d and Unity 3D in order to make 2D or 3D animated games.

Apart from technical skills your Android application developer should have quality of good communication as developer has to deal with different clients directly. Developer should have understanding of different cultures of targeted countries so he can understand business or the requirements of the clients coming from different arena. There should be a channel working 24X7 to communicate with the developer for the clients coming from different time zone. Like E-mail, instant messengers, live chats on the website and telephone call prove successful channel for communication and your developer should be used to with all.

Finding such Android application developer is not easy you have to hunt at outsourcing companies as they have all resources available to bring best results. Unlike iPhone, Android has unlimited options to choose your hardware according to your needs and your budget. But this variation in hardware poses great challenges to the Android application developer because he has to face with great variation in screen size, hardware features and mode of functions. In fact they need to develop responsive design so it can work in various models.

Another challenging thing for developer is the way of marketing. Being open platform Android app have larger audience in compare to other platform so considering the needs of larger audience Android developer has to create application so it can satisfy majority of their customers.