Android App Developer India—Sheer Rise in Demand

20/06/2013 10:33

When you dig the statistics of the geographical distributions of the various mobile platforms you may realized that Apple is covering mainly US and Europe and somewhat Australia, but Android is ubiquitous and rests have quite low share in the market. Android has big presence in India and China, the most populated countries therefore, Android is enjoying a big edge over other rivals. This has many reasons like opensource nature of the platform, easy learning and low cost development contribute a lot to make it popular in 2nd & 3rd world.Android app developer India


An estimation says that in near future India would have nearly 900 million mobile users so you can imagine the share for Android in India itself. There are lots of free apps are available in Google Play, but all are not upto the requirements of the most so we can say that the demand of Android app developer India would be persisted for long run as Google and end users both are now quality seekers so paid apps would have gradual rise in numbers so more chances to make some fortunes for Android app developer India.


When we take a bird eye view over the demand of Android app developer India in Indian IT hub there are no salary barriers found for the skilled, domain expert and creative developers. Many small to big companies showing keen interests to hire talents from the job market. Hot job locations are not upto the big metros but it scattered throughout 2nd tire cities of the India as there is good life standard, low property rates and adequate infrastructural facilities available.