Android 2D Game Development—At A Glimpse Part 1

12/01/2013 11:36

In compare to other platform Android is superb one being an opensource as well as based on Java which is easy to learn language against the C class languages like C#, C++, Objective C, etc. When we think about Android 2D Game Development it is far easy than that of 3D because 3D game development involves much of learning of 3D programs like 3D Max, Maya, etc. as well as detailed knowledge of Maths is must, however in recent time Unity 3D is quite helpful tool to go to 3D games. In this post we will concentrate on some Android 2D game development and get some glimpse to get into.

Once you have downloaded Android SDK and started coding in Eclipse you need to know the Android application architecture otherwise despite your fluency in web game development you will end up with haphazard coding in Eclipse and that would be difficult to fix problems with your 2D game therefore you need to understand very well the applications, activities, intents and how they all are related to each others. You might have good information regarding to this on Google Play and with help of such documents you will be able to understand when you need single activity or more than one activity and how those thing can influence the performances as well as user experiences by and large.

With such good insight you will be offer intuitive, engaging and robust 2D games to your patrons as well as to your end users and standout from the crowd in order to get an edge over your competition in Android 2D game development.

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